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Management Reporting

Do you know your current key performance indicators? How do these compare to forecast? What do you need to do to achieve your goals?


We help ensure you have Mgmt Rptthe key information you need without overwhelming you with numbers. Keeping it relevant and clear is key to usability.


Identify and report what is important

We will work with you to identify or review relevant performance metrics and set up report of these using both overview “real time” dashboards and periodic more detailed reporting packs. Well designed measures and reporting will help ensure you have the information to stay on course with your strategic and operational plans.

Information for stakeholders

Consistent and accurate information on business performance is essential for stakeholders. This will give confidence that the business is being managed and controlled effectively. As well as reassuring current stakeholders good management reporting will provide potential providers of new funding, be it new equity investors or banks, with comfort that you understand, measure and can react to how your business is performing. By providing timely and accurate reports you and your stakeholders will have a clear vision of the factors that matter to your business and enable better decision making.


Management Reporting goes beyond the basics of financial reporting. It provides the information you need to more effectively manage your business.