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Business Review and Planning

What are the goals for your business? Do you know the “gap” between your current and desired performance? Do you have a plan of how to bridge the “gap”?

A clear plan is good business practice and essential if you are looking to raise new funds or grow your business


We can review your business, similar to how aBR&Pn investor would to ensure there are no surprises, look at gaps between where you are now and where you are aiming to be and analyse how these gaps are bridged and what is needed to support the business in delivering your planned goals.


What are the benefits of having a well reviewed business plan in place ahead of when funding is required?
  • Secure the level of funding required as you can demonstrate clear plan to funder
  • Less reactive, you are on the front foot with a clear ask and plan – as opposed to funder telling you what you can have
  • Know your options and have a plan B. This improves your negotiating position with a funder
  • Lower cost, both in terms of internal management resource and cost of borrowing
  • Choosing appropriate funding routes for business now and future.
  • Demonstrate a clear funding strategy to funder, including uses, exits and returns
  • More control in agreeing and setting ongoing compliance measures and covenants
Some of the scenarios you might be considering:
Growth – organic or acquisition, how do you fund your growth plans, what additional other resources will your business need –  people, finance, plant, systems, premises, etc.?
New funding – what are the options, banks, equity, business angels, friends and family, stock market listing, crowd sourcing, debt factoring, private equity or some combination of these.
Exit – is planning a full or partial exit important to you? What are the options, what do you need to do now to facilitate this, making process easier and maximise value on exit?